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The WoolSafe® Organisation


WoolSafe Approval for Cleaning Products

WoolSafe product accreditation is available world-wide to manufacturers of carpet cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance carpets and rugs.

Manufacturers interested in endorsement can submit their products to The WoolSafe Organisation for testing. Products that meet all the performance requirements are issued with a certificate and suppliers are entitled to display the WoolSafe Mark, and one of a selection of approved phrases, on packaging, product literature and advertising material associated with the product.

All approved products are subject to annual re-evaluation to ensure they continue to meet the WoolSafe requirements, or that changes introduced when products are re-formulated, are not detrimental to the performance of the product.

The high level of interest in improving carpet maintenance products and techniques is demonstrated by the fact that many cleaning agent manufacturers have re-formulated products in order to comply with the WoolSafe requirements, or to enhance their products' efficiency.

The Benefits of WoolSafe Approval

  • Assurance of performance of your accredited products
  • Entitlement to display the WoolSafe Mark on accredited products
  • Commercial advantage - increased sales, quality image, promotional opportunities
  • Fewer problems with complaints about damaged carpets (wool and synthetics)
  • Opportunity to supply approved products to WoolSafe Service Providers
  • Listing of approved products in WoolSafe Directories and on the internet
  • Recommendation of approved products/systems by carpet mills, retailers, wool and carpet promotion organisations
  • Corporate wool carpet owners increasingly require use of approved products for cleaning/maintenance

Which Types Of Product Can Be WoolSafe-Approved?

The WoolSafe programme covers the following products for carpets and / or upholstery:

  • shampoos, spray extraction and bonnet cleaning chemicals
  • "dry extraction" cleaning / impregnated powder compounds
  • crystallising cleaning agents
  • spot removers and spill absorption products
  • traffic lane cleaners and pre-spotters
  • soil and stain resist and soil release finishes
  • pile rinsing and neutralising agents
  • detergent additives and boosters
  • colour restoration products, deodorizers, antistatic treatments

Products are tested according to WoolSafe Standard WS 1001: "Protocol for the evaluation and accreditation of carpet cleaning chemicals for the WoolSafe Mark" to ensure they:

  • meet recognised standards of performance regarding cleaning, spot removal or protection against soiling or staining.
  • do not have a deleterious effect on wool carpets regarding colour fastness, quick re-soiling, fibre damage or odour.
  • are safe to use and safe once they have been applied.

Only when a product meets all of these stringent requirements is it awarded the WoolSafe Certificate by The WoolSafe Organisation, allowing it to carry the coveted WoolSafe Mark.

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