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The WoolSafe® Organisation

New company profiles

April 8, 2015


We are pleased to announce that WoolSafe company profiles have been given a fresh new look! We have aimed to improve the following areas:

  • Additional Information

Profiles now include more information to help you showcase your company online, including a company logo and profile picture, company description, company history and more.

  • More exposure

Your new company profiles can easily be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ using the “Share this page” feature and you can also link to your profile from your own company website.

They are also indexed by search engines, so customers will be more likely to find you online.

  • Better ‘calls to action’

Your company telephone number and website link are now much larger and bolder so customers can easily get in touch.

  • Customer reviews

Let your customers sing your praises with the new customer reviews feature. Customers can now rate and review the service you provide. (Please note: You have full control over whether or not to display a review on your profile.)

  • Ability to edit your own profile

You can now make changes to your own company profile online. Full instructions for updating your information can be found below.

Editing your profile page

To edit your company profile you will first need to register a user account on the WoolSafe website (if you haven’t already).

Please visit to sign up.

1) Log into the website using the button in the top right hand corner


2) Once logged in, find your company profile on the WoolSafe website.

These sections are the best place to find your profile:


3) When you have found your company profile page, click on the link titled “Is this your business? Update details”.


4) You will be taken to a page asking you to confirm that you are the owner of this company and have the permission to update the company details.


5) An email will be sent to your company email address (if available). Click on the verification link in this email to confirm your access to the company profile. If your company profile doesn't have an email address the WoolSafe Organisation will be notified and will verify your application manually.

6) Once verified you will be able to edit your company details by clicking on the “Members Area” link in the top right, then choosing “Manage Company”.



Customer Reviews

The new company profile pages for carpet cleaners and inspectors allow customers to leave reviews.


Customer reviews will not be displayed on your profile page until you approve them.

To approve customer reviews:

1) Use the steps above to access the “Manage company” section

2) At the bottom of the page you will find any reviews that are pending approval. You have the option to Approve or Delete any reviews.


3) Once you approve a review it will appear on your profile.



Coming soon: We will soon be adding a place for you to upload “Before and After” photographs of your to your company profile to help showcase your work. We would also be interested to hear if you would like us to include space for any other information on your profiles. If you have any requests, please email [email protected].

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