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New features for company profiles

April 24, 2015

Following on from our recent update to the WoolSafe Company Profiles, we've added some great new features for cleaners, inspectors and suppliers.

Cleaners / Inspectors

Carpet cleaners and inspectors can now upload images of their work and embed a YouTube video into a new "Showcase" section of their profile.


Images can be added through the "Manage your company details" page.


Cleaning product suppliers can now write additional information about each of your products. This allows you to include a description for your product and information on how to use it.



If you add information about a product, its listing will include a link titled "Please click here to view additional information about this product".


When clicked it expands to show more information about the product.

Example Product grab

Product descriptions can be added through the "Manage your company details" page.


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