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The WoolSafe® Organisation

service providerIf you would like to become a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider you have to meet a number of qualification requirements, do the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course (outside of North America and Australia choose the Worldwide Course), pass the examination, undertake to use WoolSafe -approved products whenever you clean or treat wool carpets or rugs, and pay the registration and annual membership fees.

Qualification Requirements

Membership is open to:

  • Carpet cleaning franchisees - companies using one particular cleaning/maintenance system, which may be a franchised or a licensed system.
  • Independent carpet cleaning companies, who obtain their cleaning equipment and/or supplies from one or more sources.
  • In-house carpet maintenance divisions responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of carpets and rugs in the building(s) their company occupies.

Companies must:

  • have been practising carpet cleaners for a continuous period of at least five (5) years;
  • attend the WoolSafe Training Course, or an in-house WoolSafe Training Course at their company, run by one of the WoolSafe Certified Trainers. A written exam is part of this course. Or successfully complete the on-line Fibre Care Specialist training course at
  • WoolSafe certification is conditional upon passing the course exam (the "Pass" requirement is 80%);
  • use WoolSafe -approved products when cleaning or maintaining wool or wool-rich carpets or rugs and sign a Declaration specifying the WoolSafe -approved products they use.

Benefits of Membership

Consumer Montage_Feb10Member companies are listed on this website, on the award winning WoolSafe Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide Apps and in the Directory of WoolSafe Approved Service Providers (WASPs), which is published regularly and distributed to leading carpet retailers, carpet mills and other interested companies and organisations, as well as to consumers upon request.

WASPs are the exclusive Service Providers for the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW). It is free for WASPs to register to take part in the initiative.

Certified companies can use the WoolSafe Service Provider Mark on stationary, business cards, publicity material, advertisements, company vehicles, etc.

Every WoolSafe Service Provider will receive a Certificate confirming their membership of the network. The Certificate is valid for one year.

The services of WoolSafe Service Providers are promoted in the carpet and cleaning trade press, the consumer media, to commercial clients, WoolSafe product manufacturers and suppliers, carpet mills, wool promotion organisations such as the British Wool Marketing Board, and many others.

Many leading carpet manufacturers and retailers recommend using WoolSafe Approved products and Service Providers.

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