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This company has one or more products listed here that have passed stringent efficacy and safety tests and have been certified safe and effective for use on all fibre carpets and rugs including wool.

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Call: 01794341269

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3A Montagu Row

Phone: 01794341269

Website: http://www.germerase.com

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Developer of innovative biocide products - high levels of efficacy combined with low level of actives for excellent results with minimum impact


GermErase is the most human of stories, with consequences that will be felt across the country and around the world. Inspired by the loss of a loved one, the relentless pursuit to eradicate the cruelty of hospital infections created a next generation sanitiser which is more effective than anyone could have expected. From a kitchen table on the South Coast to the endorsement of the UK’s leading biological science academics and a multi- million pound fund for development – GermErase is the right innovation at the right time. It has taken disruptive thinking to find an answer to one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare globally. Combining well-known and widely-used chemicals in innovative ways, GermErase’s founder created a product with remarkable efficacy against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. Since then Rob has surrounded himself with experts and academics, creating a world-class team to bring Germerase to multiple markets across the world. Using his own funds, grants from the UK Government and attracting commercial investment, he has continuously improved the efficacy of the product, developing a range to meet the needs of various settings across industry, healthcare and leisure sectors. Throughout development, rigorous, external testing has been conducted by a range of independent laboratories, including the University of Southampton. As a result of years of development and testing GermErase has proven efficacy, with remarkably low concentrations of active ingredients; it has been shown to be non-toxic and non-irritant. GermErase is the first commercial product to have been tested against live SARS-Cov-2 in the UK, killing the virus in under 30 seconds. Research continues to optimise the power of Germerase in treating multi drug-resistant organisms, hospital-acquired infections and sepsis in the developing world.

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GermErase S21

WoolSafe ApprovedCleanSeal Approved
Available in uk

Product type: Solver

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GermErase S21