Country code: US
The WoolSafe® Organisation
49 Boroughgate
West Yorkshire
LS21 1AG
Great Britain

Tel: +44 1943 850 817
Email: [email protected]
Registered in England No 4543752
Registered address: As above


Managing Director: Agnes Zsednai, PhD


Marketing Director:
Steve Bakker

Business Development:  Richard Sudall
Laboratory Technologist: Karen Lunn
Administrator: Sharon Mawson

WoolSafe North America

Director: Ms Ruth Travis

437 Alfred Ladd Road East,
TN 37064

Phone +1 615-972-0250
Email: [email protected]

WoolSafe Southern Europe

Director: Dionysios Paraskevopoulos

Riga Feraiou 31,
15451 N. Psihiko,

Tel: +30 31 0674 6311
Fax: +30 31 0677 9333
Email Dennis: [email protected]

WoolSafe Australia

Director: Scott De Vere

62 Wallace Street North,  

Caboolture Queensland, 4510, Australia 

T: 0421559173 

Email: [email protected]

WoolSafe East Asia

Director: Tshun Peei Wong

41-M Jalan Manis 3
Taman Segar, 56100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Customer Service Hotline: 1300-221-123
Tel: +603 9130 1036
Email: [email protected]

WoolSafe China

Director: Jiang Huangzhou 蒋煌洲 (Firmin)

Building C, NO. 2888 QilianShan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China


Contact Assistant to Director: Kastol Zhao 赵轶
 Tel: +86 18964734465
Email: [email protected]

WoolSafe Poland

Director: Jakub Pietrzak

Stare Miasto 16,
05-480 Karczew,

 Tel: +86 18964734465
Email: [email protected]

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