GermErase C19

Product Description

Tested to pharmaceutical standards, GermErase C19 is the perfect product for sanitising surfaces and is unmatched in terms of efficacy and safety. GermErase is proven to kill live strain SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, in under 30 seconds and it has inactivated every pathogen it has been tested against. BUT GermErase is ultra-low toxicity, non-sticky, has a mild ‘clean’ smell, it doesn’t irritate skin, it is non– corrosive and non-staining. It is over 99% water. We know how vital it is to prove our product is efficacious and that we must be able to prove we can kill pathogens on surfaces that are not completely clean. So, unlike many of our competitors, most of our efficacy testing has been carried out in laboratories in ‘dirty’ conditions. In these conditions, it is much more difficult to kill pathogens yet GermErase C-19 has still proven to be highly effective. More powerful than common disinfectants, GermErase C-19 is a breakthrough product that can help get Britain back to work. Freedom to go back to work. to study, to play sport and to socialise. Freedom to re-open your restaurant, office or place of work. Freedom to get back on the train. Freedom to keep you and your family safe. GermErase is a unique product which makes the economic recovery possible, for shops, factories, restaurants, trains and sports grounds. It also makes recovery sustainable by protecting the workplace, schools and homes. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

How To Use

GermErase is efficient, fast and easy to use: 1) Clean away surface dirt 2) Mop, spray or wipe GermErase C-19 on to the surface 3) Leave C-19 to dry and it will provide a protective barrier on all surfaces for up to 48 hours at the same level and remains active for several weeks