ProCaps (S745)

Product Description

Maintaining the appearance of commercial carpets with low-moisture interim cleaning processes is an integral part of the carpet cleaning system. Proper interim cleaning improves carpet appearance, reduces the need for frequent restorative cleaning in high-traffic commercial carpets, and can extend carpet life and usage. ProCaps and ProCaps-Later are premium soil-encapsulating cleaning agents that utilize the most advanced new generation polymer technology. Powerful, fast-acting soil suspenders surround and attach to soil, lifting it away from carpet fibers, then quickly dry to a micro-fine crystal that is easily removed with vacuuming. Blended with chemical technology to inhibit browning, bleeding, and wicking. WoolSafe approved, ProCaps and ProCaps - Later’s high quality cleaning agents are low moisture, low residue, and provide superior soil removal. Designed for use with Prochem’s ProCaps and ProCaps Deluxe interim carpet cleaning machines. Please visit the Prochem website for more information: