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The WoolSafe® Organisation

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If you want to feel more confident about how to look after your carpet or rug, have a look at our Carpet and Rug Care Guide.

For information on how to clean and remove particular spots from your carpets and rugs, see our Publications page. When you are caring for your carpet or rug, for peace of mind always look for the WoolSafe logo on the packaging of any cleaning products you use. Products carrying this mark will have been independently tested and certified by WoolSafe to ensure they are safe and effective for cleaning carpets and rugs. See the list of approved products in our Consumer Products Guide.


If you need professional help in spot removal or whole carpet cleaning, you can rely on the services of our network of WoolSafe Approved Service Provider cleaning companies. They are trained to a high standard in cleaning wool carpets and rugs. They have been in business for a number of years. The listed companies are fully insured and are members of one or more trade associations. Only they are entitled to display the WoolSafe Service Provider mark.


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Approved Service Provider technicians that have received specialist wool maintenance training by The WoolSafe Organisation are called Fibre Care Specialists and may display the WoolSafe approved Fibre Care Specialist mark on their uniform and business cards.

Support when you need it most

When something goes wrong and you are not happy with the performance of your carpet or rug, WOOLSAFE Registered Inspectors are on hand across the UK and Ireland to investigate the problem and advise on the likely cause. These are totally independent, highly experienced professionals from different areas of the carpet industry. They are fully qualified to inspect and test wool carpet, they provide an impartial service and prepare a comprehensive report detailing their analysis and conclusions.


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