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WoolSafe to Demonstrate the Wonder of Wool at The Flooring Show

August 19, 2015

The WoolSafe Organisation returns to Harrogate this September for the most anticipated edition of The Flooring Show in years. Featuring at stands C1a and C52 in Hall C of the exhibition centre, WoolSafe is playing a large part in proceedings including demonstrations that are set to remind guests of the amazing performance properties of wool carpet.

After a successful year especially for the organisation’s newly-introduced CleanSeal and EnviroSeal accreditation programmes, The WoolSafe Organisation is hoping to further the message that wool is the best choice of floor covering for the majority of interior applications. One of the key ways this will be achieved is through cleanability demonstrations running in both entrance foyers and on the WoolSafe stand across the three day period.

Here, the Wool Carpet Focus Group (WCFG) will lay wool carpet for each and every guest to walk over upon entry and exit. Experiencing a year’s wear in an average home across the three days, this demonstration shows wool’s natural resistance to soiling and the fibre’s inherent bouncebackability. Once maximum soiling is reached at the end of the show, the carpet will be cleaned using WoolSafe approved methods and products, bringing the carpet back to ‘looking like new’.

The three-day carpet demo will be streamed live and not only show the easy to clean nature of wool, an often overlooked credential when considering carpets of this type, but also its ‘bouncebackability’ under heavy footfall. WoolSafe will also be demonstrating how easy it is to remove common household spills from wool carpet using just the WoolSafe Approved WOW spotter and tissue paper. These demonstrations could only be carried out on the back of WoolSafe’s confidence in wool carpet’s natural soil and stain resist qualities and the Approved cleaning products it promotes, showing that when cared for properly wool is the most practical option in the soft floor covering market.

WoolSafe will play an integral part in this year’s show, providing technical support in the demo areas and assisting with the provision of wool-based goody bags. This will further promote the message that wool is not purely an option that is easy on the eye and to the touch. With the correct information and subsequent action, wool carpet can maintain its sumptuous look and feel for longer making it the most cost effective of all carpet fibre types.

For spot removal demonstrations or for information on The WoolSafe Organisation’s services in general, such as its training, accreditation programmes and professional services on offer, visit stands C1a and C52 when you make your way to Harrogate this September.

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