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The WoolSafe® Organisation

Wool Without The Worry

August 4, 2014

Providing customers with the correct care advice for their new carpet is often a worry for retailers. Just how often should it be professionally cleaned, what is the best way to clean wool and just how do you find a reputable cleaning company to recommend to your customers?

Fortunately, The WoolSafe Organisation is on hand to help with these burning questions and lots more besides. It can help you to provide your customers with the correct advice on how best to care for their new carpet, while the Organisation’s Wool Owners Warranty, now available on 157 wool carpet ranges, makes the whole care process seamless.

First and foremost, carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year. A Wool carpet is particularly good at hiding soil and trapping allergens and pollutants, acting like a giant filter to clean and regulate indoor air quality and humidity. However, it needs regular maintenance to maximise performance and to maintain its appearance. A good quality HEPA-rated vacuum cleaner will help to remove soil and dirt as well as allergens and pollutants, but nothing can match the reinvigorating deep cleaning by a professional. In fact, studies have shown that a carpet’s life can be extended by as much as 40% if regularly cleaned by a professional, rather than relying on vacuuming alone.

The WoolSafe Organisation has a network of Approved Service Providers that are among the best carpet cleaners practicing in the UK. Each has been in business for over five-years, has passed the stringent WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training course, and uses only WoolSafe Approved products when cleaning wool carpet. With a proven track record and incredible expertise, you can recommend these Service Providers with complete confidence, knowing they will look after your customers with the highest levels of care.

For retailers, stocking brands such as Manx Carpets, Gaskell Wool Rich, Mr Tomkinson, Kingsmead and Crucial Trading, recommending a good and effective after-care package becomes even easier thanks to the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW), a completely free service for new carpet owners. Fully backed by The British Wool Marketing Board and Wools of New Zealand, WOW provides an independent care warranty using Registered Carpet Care Advisors as the driving force in ensuring carpets remain stain free and are maintained properly and with sufficient regularity. Customers are initially treated to a free bottle of WoolSafe approved spot cleaner and some great advice on their free-of-charge consultation with their WOW Carpet Care Advisor. As a registrant of WOW they are also entitled to free emergency professional stain removal should a stain be proving too tough for DIY methods. Providing they arrange for the carpet to be professionally cleaned once a year, WOW can be extended for the life of the carpet.

Thanks to a wide range of WoolSafe Approved treatments, the indispensable Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide smart phone app and a UK-wide network of approved carpet cleaning professionals, you can provide your customers with great after-sales care in complete confidence. And for those stocking any of eight of the UK’s best known carpet brands, the WOW initiative offers a new level of service that is setting the industry benchmark.

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